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We are pleased to announce the Molbio SARS-CoV2 point of care PCR test is reaching the final stages of evaluation and should be ready to ship within the next couple of weeks.

Instruments are already available and the estimated production output will be in the region of >1.0 million per month.


The Molbio platform is only one of two verified by the WHO for TB and TB-RIF.

It is a true point-of care PCR system designed for just this and over 1500 systems are already being used, some in

locations other systems would not be able to operate!

  • Simple to use with little training required,
  • modular,
  • eight hour battery life,
  • Bluetooth,
  • wireless, 
  • can store the last 60 days results.


You do not need an expensive lab, it has minimal environmental requirements and can operate in an ambient room temperature between 15 – 40oC.

Consumables and assays can be stored at room temperature. The sample prep system produces 150ul so enough for a test and the remainder can be used for other test or stored for later use.


Once this is over it is still has an important role as there is an extensive range of tests for other

diseases available and the range is constantly expanding.'