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Accessory kits for cloning

CloneDirect™ Rapid Ligation Kit

The CloneDirect Rapid Ligation Kit is a simple, rapid, highly efficient alternative to standard ligation and transformation protocols. This kit eliminates the requirement for a post-ligation cleanup step before electroporation. A 15-minute heat denaturation at 70°C is all that is needed prior to cell transformation.

Kit content

  • 10X CloneDirect Buffer (contains ATP)
  • CloneSmart® DNA Ligase
  • Complete protocols.

DNATerminator® End Repair Kit

Double-stranded DNA fragments for library construction or large-scale sequencing are often generated by mechanically shearing larger (genomic) DNA, a process that primarily leaves uneven ends. Large DNA may also be cut with restriction enzymes to generate smaller fragments for subcloning. Sheared or restricted DNA fragments must be “end-repaired” before ligation into blunt-end cloning vectors.

The DNATerminator End Repair Kit creates blunt, 5' phosphorylated ends on any type of sheared or restriction-digested DNA fragment, ensuring the highest possible cloning efficiency.

Kit content

  • DNATerminator End Repair Enzyme Mix
  • End Repair Buffer
  • Complete protocol.

PCRTerminator® End Repair Kit

PCR products generated with non-proofreading polymerases such as Taq, Tth, or Tfl primarily have single 3´ G- or 3´ A-overhangs. These products can be treated with the PCRTerminator Kit for cloning into blunt vectors.

The PCRTerminator Kit also adds 5´ phosphates to amplification products, which is essential for cloning PCR products from non-proofreading or proofreading polymerases (such as Pfu or Vent®) into dephosphorylated vectors.

Kit content

  • PCRTerminator End Repair Enzyme Mix
  • End Repair Buffer
  • Complete protocol.

UltraClone™ DNA Ligation and Transformation Kits

Lucigen's UltraClone™ DNA Ligation & Transformation Kits maximize the number of recombinant colonies using any cloning vector. The UltraClone procedure is fast and easy, and gives a dramatic increase in the number of recombinants.

Kit content

  • 10X CloneDirect™ Buffer (includes ATP)
  • CloneSmart engineered DNA Ligase
  • E. cloni ELITE 10G or 10GF' (> 2 × 1010 cfu/µg) or 10G SUPREME (> 4 × 1010 cfu/µg) Electrocompetent Cells, or 10G Chemically Competent Cells (> 1 × 108 cfu/µg), in DUO (2 transformations per tube) or SixPack (6 transformations per tube) packaging
  • Recovery Medium
  • Transformation Control DNA.


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